Bad Credit Home Equity Loans

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A Bad Credit Home Equity Loan is a Great Alternative to Credit Card Debt!

Bad credit home equity loans can be a much better option than credit card debt. Regardless of your credit history, interest rates on a bad credit home equity loan tend to be much lower than those on credit cards. In fact, you may consider using your bad credit home equity loan to pay off existing credit card debt and start improving your credit rating. There are lots of lenders out there that specialize in this type of loan so there is no reason why you can't get away from those credit cards and high interest payments and into a loan that not only has lower interest rates, but will help you get out of debt faster!

Bad credit home equity loans as debt consolidation

Throw out those credit cards and get a bad credit home equity loan to consolidate your bills. You can use the money from your loan to pay off your existing bills, lower your monthly payment and pay your debts off faster! The only thing you have to do is be disciplined enough to put your new bad credit home equity loan towards your bills instead of using the money for frivolous things and creating more debt!

Who qualifies?

Many lenders can offer you a bad credit home equity loan with a credit score as low as 500 although there are lenders out there that may be able to offer you a loan with a lower score. The best thing is that once you qualify for a bad credit home and begin making your on time payments in full is that you will start improving your credit score immediately! The best way to find out if you qualify is to talk to a lender, its no obligation to you and it is the first step towards financial freedom.