Car Loan with Bad Credit

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Car Loan With Bad Credit - Finding A Good Loan Among A Bunch Of Lemons

We've all been there… The dealer and you took the car of your dreams out for a test drive. You and the dealer then started to discuss prices. And now the nail-biting procedure begins: arranging an auto loan. To avoid “the set, the build-up, and the let-down” situation at the dealership, explore your bad credit loan options before settling in with the dealer's so-called best deal.

Fixing A Challenging Situation

If your finances are in the same condition as the mass majority of the population, it's very difficult to qualify for an auto dealer's great deal when you have bad or less-than-perfect credit. Nearly everyone has experienced this type of rejection and left feeling like a looser. Still, auto dealers do their best to lure you into their dealership with these too good to be true deals.

When The Chips Are Down

Go over an auto dealer's or auto lender's fine print at the bottom of an advertisement or literature before getting your hopes up too high. Qualifying for most of these deals is highly difficult, even for someone with a good credit history. Even before test-driving your dream vehicle, do a little research online and explore a newspaper's Auto section for advice. These sources will tell you the going auto loan rates for bad credit, no credit, non-prime auto loans, and non-conforming auto loans. Blindly entering a dealership without this knowledge is like sitting at a casino blackjack table without any knowledge on how to play the game.

Where To Find The Good Loans For Bad Credit

Bad credit is usually repairable. However, until that it's repaired, auto buyers can find some pretty good and affordable deals online and directly from lenders. One of the largest non-prime auto loan finance companies in the United States is HAFC (Household Automotive Finance Corporation). You can quickly qualify bad credit auto loans online this site. How easy and approachable is this!

What Are The Going Rates For Bad Credit Loans?

Lenders are fighting for your business, especially into today's thrifty market. According to Household ( ), the current non-prime auto loan rates are as low as 3.69% APR for 12-36 months and 5.15% APR for 61-72 months. The loan amount range is $5,000 to $50,000 with no down payment, no application fee, and no prepayment penalty.