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Obtaining College Financial Aid Will Increase Your Future Earnings

It can be all too easy to throw away the idea of going to college to further your education. Up to four years to finish a course, not earning any money, needing far too much money to be able to attend a course….. these can be some of the many reasons why thousands of young adults toss aside their desire to better their lives and take up a job rather than going to college or university. But if they stop to think and take in some of the recent research they would realize that acquiring more knowledge will actually change their future prospects completely and that college financial aid can help significantly in achieving this.

People can tell you that obtaining a degree or some form of further education will improve your life but it's very easy to dismiss them. But what about when The College Board has actually researched the difference that further education makes to lives? Their recent Report, Education pays 2004 illustrates that being determined, understanding the college financial aid that is available and completing your course can change your future prospects completely. Let's look at some of the summary facts:

  • Higher levels of education does mean higher levels of earnings
  • The income gap between high school leavers and college graduates is vast. On average, college graduates earn 73% more than high school leavers
  • By the time you are 33 your higher earnings mean that you can recoup the costs of obtaining little or no wages throughout college and any college financial aid such a Stafford loan or a private loan you may have had to take out to pay for your education fees.
  • You are far less likely to be unemployed or be in poverty if you have participated in further education.

So, it is very worthwhile going to college or university. The facts speak for themselves! They even show you that even though attending college can be expensive you can recoup the costs very easily. If you are thinking of attending college shortly, or your son or daughter wants to better themselves don't hold them back! Investigate the different types of college financial aid that is readily accessible. This can include a range of federal grants, federal loans, scholarships and private loans.

It may seem as though you are stretching yourself financially to be able to pursue such a goal but you will be surprised at the amount of free money for college that is available. You will never know what you qualify for unless you actually apply and submit your Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Go on, what have you got to lose?




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