Countrywide Home Loan

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A Countrywide Home Loan is Available “Countrywide”

Countrywide home loan is a company that was based on the idea that home loans should be available to everyone. This company broke the rules by creating a mortgage company without limits. After a few years with little substantial success, Countrywide home loan changed the rules of home loans. They got rid of salespeople. This was a bold move, but for them it worked. Since that change, Countrywide home loan has experienced a dramatic increase in sales and offices. There are Countrywide offices across the country and if you don't have a local office, you can get a Countrywide home loan online.

How does a Countrywide home loan differ from any other?

A Countrywide home loan does not differ that much from any other loan. You still talk to real people about real loans for real homes. Countrywide home loan is now one of the biggest home loan companies around.

How do I apply for a Countrywide home loan?

You can apply one of two ways: by visiting your local Countrywide branch or by applying online at the Countrywide home loan website. Either way you will receive the highest caliber of service.

Are Countrywide home loan interest rates competitive with other lenders?

Yes, Countrywide is very competitive with other lenders. Like most lenders, their rates are tied to the index rates. They also offer a wide array of loans to choose from with competitive rates.

How much does a Countrywide home loan cost?

A Countrywide home loan does not cost that much! In fact, they have streamlined the process of getting a home loan tenfold! Instead of sending your paperwork from person to person trying to get approval, your loan is approved immediately online or at the office you visit. This easy approach to home loans helps cut costs for you too!