Credit Check

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Credit Check – Make Sure Your Credit Is good and Behaving Itself

Fact or fiction: Four reasons for a credit check include (1) accuracy of personal information, (2) identity theft, (3) agency inquiries, and (4) account reports. Go ahead, circle fact.

How is your credit treating you? Is it responding appropriately to your credit behavior? Or is it taking off on its own, permitting just about anyone to steal your identity? Keeping your credit in check is one of the safest ways to knowing how your credit file stacks up to scrutiny.

Fact or fiction:

Your credit report requires a check-up only when you're applying for some major financial loan or obligation. Circle fiction, only if you feel proactive.

Waiting until you need a loan or some other financial assistance is the passive way to learning about your credit report, score and ranking. Even if your credit looks fine, you can always take measure to improve or protect it. A credit check can find flaws in a timely manner and prevent the prevalent problem of identity theft. Credit bureaus are happy to help you fix or dispute any discrepancies. Acting ahead on these matters helps inquisitive lenders lean more in the positive direction toward approving your loan.

Fact or fiction:

A free credit check is an open ticket to scam artists, fraud and identity theft. Circle both.

A free credit check can be an invitation to scams. Many so-called “free” services are tied into ways to steal your personal information or obligate you to purchase more than you're looking for in order to find out about your credit file.

On the other had, a free credit check is also available recently to any eligible consumer as result of a new FACT (Fair Accurate Credit) Act, also called FRCA (Fair Reporting Credit Act). During a rollout period set by region starting December 1, 2004, a one-time free credit report is provided through from one of the three main credit bureaus in the U.S. This report is then available again once every 12 months.