Equifax Credit Bureau

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Equifax Credit Bureau –Giving Credit To A Worthy Agency

How well do you know your credit? If you are like 4 out of 5 people, an error could be sitting within your credit history and you know next to nothing about it (source: CBS News 11-13-04). Don't pin the error on your credit bureau; often the mistake happens at the source like a credit card agency or mortgage lender. The safest way to protect your information is to regularly check your credit information.

Equifax Credit Bureau, one of three top CRAs (credit reporting agencies) in the U.S., does this type of credit reporting for a minimal fee. And, now thanks to Equifax and two other top CRAs, a federal law called FRCA (Fair Reporting Credit Act) enables you to receive a one-time free credit report during a 12-month cycle.

The schedule for this free credit report is rolling out by region and started on December 1, 2004. A central site at AnnualCreditReport.com supplies the free online report.

105 Years Strong And Still Keeping Us Informed

Equifax Credit Bureau was formerly known as Retail Credit until 1975. Since 1899, Equifax has offered information solutions to the public and companies. Now, consumers and businesses alike can get more than credit information; Equifax offers great theft identity protection, direct marketing solutions for businesses, consumer credit direction, plus more. “The Equifax Way”, a set of practices and values followed by its employees is one reason Equifax is so highly respected among fellow credit bureaus and other financial organizations.

Products Of The Highest Standards

The financial world and consumers respect Equifax's products. Lenders and anyone else with “permissible purpose” can purchase Equifax's reports and assess your level of risk. These products help you understand your credit history, score and rating. To maintain the highest degree of reporting, Equifax Credit Bureau shares relevant account sources with the other top two credit bureaus.

Some of the common packages, all available securely and instantly online at Equifax.com, include Equifax Score Power (a computed number), 3-in-1 Credit Report, Equifax Credit Watch (identity theft protection), and Equifax Credit Rankings.