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Experian – Credit Information From A Special Leader

In the blink of an eye, you can get a credit report online from one of the top leading credit managers in the nation, Experian. Experian is best known for its direct, simple and inexpensive credit reports for consumers. The global information specialist's repertoire also encompasses credit services, marketing services (mostly direct marketing), and automotive information services.

One-Stop Service For the Credit Information You Need

Experian has been around for 30 years and has the tools and services to help both businesses and consumers understand and best utilize their credit data. Taking a holistic approach to credit management, Experian can do more than provide a credit report in a matter of a few seconds; Experian also has the ability to assist consumers and businesses understand their financial affairs and dispute any mishaps.

While most consumers turn to Experian first for one of the businesses' highly detailed reports, many consumers also stay with Experian to stay abreast about preventing fraud or improving their credit history. Some of Experian's sought-after packages include

  • Free Experian credit report and score (with 30 day trial of Credit Manager)
  • 3-Bureau Credit Report (with free credit score), $34.95
  • Experian credit report , $9.00
  • Experian PLUS score (call 888-322-5583 for a price)
  • Experian National Score Index
  • Experian AutoCheck®

Experian is also one of three credit bureaus in the U.S. that are participating in the federal law to provide free credit reports for consumers. The reports are given through a central location, AnnualCreditReport.com .

A Business That Knows Its Data

Experian's relationship with others in the financial world helps you get the most thorough file regarding your credit behavior. By sharing relevant information with other top credit businesses, you can feel safe that you are getting complete information.

Why Go To A Credit Bureau

Creditors and lenders often make entry mistakes. You are often not aware of these errors until you review your credit history. Even though many of these mistakes involve misspellings, the inaccuracy of your report may affect your credit score. For more advise such as this, check out Experian's “Ask Max” credit advise column online ( Experian.com ).