Financial Aid Application

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Manage Your Financial Aid Application Online

Don't spend days filling out a paper financial aid application form! Write in pencil, then in black ink and if you make a mistake throw it away and start again. What a waste of time! Especially since you can submit an online FASFA form.

Nowadays completing a financial aid application for college couldn't be easier if you have access to the Internet. Here are ten reasons why submitting your financial aid application online is so easy.

You can complete the form online in your own time. It is estimated that the online financial aid application takes just over an hour to complete if you have prepared all the necessary information.

  • There are help buttons and guidance notes provided every step of the way if there is something that you don't quite understand.
  • If you make mistakes just use the delete key!
  • It's easy to submit the form online too there is no need to print it out and send it via post.
  • Instead of having to sign the form you and your parent can assign a pin number that is unique to them. This is then recognized as your signature and your parent's signature when you come to submit the form.
  • If you realize after you have sent the form that there is an error, you can simply log back into the financial aid application and make the necessary changes.
  • You can monitor the progress of your financial aid application online too, simply by logging in and using your unique pin number to access your file.
  • You can receive notification of your reward online. This will detail any federal grants and federal loans you are eligible for, and what your parent's financial contribution will be.
  • Next year when you have to reapply, the financial aid application you made on the previous year will have been saved.
  • Also, the information you submitted in the previous year will be used to pre-fill various sections of your new financial aid application, making reapplying much easier and faster!

What have you got to lose! If your financial aid application is due soon, log on and start typing!