Government Student Loan

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A Government Student Loan and What it means to you

The most important application, right behind your entrance application is your government student loan application also known as the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. This government student loan application can qualify you for very important loans for the financially needy. Some loans offered by the government student loan program include subsidized loans. Many of the programs also include a repayment schedule that doesn't begin until after you have finished school, so that you have time to get situated, find a job and begin making money before you owe it.

Where do I get a government student loan?

A government student loan can be obtained from the official government website, just run a search for FAFSA and you should find it right away if you haven't stumbled upon it already in your search for student loans. The application is free and you will need to fill it out for a variety of other reasons. Many scholarships or other loan programs use the information obtained from your filling out the government student loan application in order to make their decision on whether or not to loan or give you money.

When do I begin repayment of a government student loan?

Most government student loan programs do not require repayment until you finish school. Often, you can extend repayment of a government student loan due to financial hardship for a certain period of time, depending on the loan program.

Can I consolidate my government student loan?

If you have more than one student loan, you can consolidate the loan. However, with the government student loan program, you may be required to consolidate through their own consolidation program, but check with them before you decide. With consolidation, you can take an existing government student loan, combine it with another and delay, reduce and graduate payment over a period of time. The ability to reduce your total payment at the end of school can be very important, especially when you are trying to get your footing and just starting in a new job.