Home Loan Refinancing

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Home Loan Refinancing can save you Money

Home loan refinancing can save you substantial amounts of money every month. If you haven't refinanced in the past few years, or even the past few months, it may be the time to do so in order to lower your monthly payment. Home loan refinancing could save you hundreds of dollars every month

How can home loan refinancing save me so much money?

Over the past few years, home values have increased and interest rates have decreased. With this formula, home loan refinancing allows you to take advantage of the equity you have accrued in your home and the low interest helps knock your payment down with every partial percent it decreases. If you bought your home with little or no money down, you are probably paying a PMI or Private Mortgage Insurance to insure yourself from defaulting on the loan. If this is the case, home loan refinancing may allow you to stop paying that premium. The basic rule is that you have to have 20% equity built up before you can get rid of your PMI. With premiums so high, this alone could save you hundred every month.

How soon can I refinance?

It may be valuable for you to refinance in as little as three months. It really depends on the current market including interest rates and local real estate trends. If you are in a situation such as getting rid of your PMI, you will obviously like to obtain home loan refinancing as soon as possible. You should keep in touch with a lender as they can help you determine how much your home is worth so you can do it as soon as possible. On the other hand, home loan refinancing is almost definitely a valuable thing for you to do if it has been 3 years or more.