Lowest Mortgage Rate

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Never Pay More Than You Have to Get the Lowest Mortgage Rate Possible!

Ever wonder why rates differ among lenders? Tired of getting caught up in the sales tactics lenders use when all you want is an honest rate for your mortgage? You don't have to play the mortgage brokers games anymore. You can do your research and ensure that your mortgage rate is the lowest possible. Forget the lenders that try to take advantage of you with higher rates and cheesy gimmicks to lure you in.

But how do I know I'm getting a good rate?

The only way to know if you are getting a fair rate is to educate yourself on what they are. If you only speak to one lender who happens to be dishonest and take his word for it, you might get taken. Fortunately, all of this information can be found on the internet. Try taking a peek at www.bloomberg.com to find current mortgage interest rates. Remember that this is only a guideline. The mortgage rate you are quoted should be similar unless you have unusual conditions such as buying a rental property when interest rates are notoriously higher.

Do points affect my interest rate?

Some lenders may charge you points on your loan and offer you a rock bottom mortgage rate. On the other hand, some lenders make their money by offering a slightly higher interest rate and no points. Analyze the loan program offered to you that best suites your needs and go from there.

Can I ask for a lower mortgage interest rate?

It definitely never hurts to ask! If they say no, then fine. An alternative is to wait a bit and see if you can lock your interest rate on a day when rates are lower. This option is definitely a gamble because rates do fluctuate on a daily basis.