Mortgage Loan Calculator

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Mortgage Loan Calculator – Easier Than Clicking Away With The Remote

“M = P * (J/(1-(1+J)** -N))” is one small formula used to calculate a mortgage's amortization table. Wow, absolutely mind-staggering! Luckily for you and me, we don't need to understand its funny symbols or program it into a mortgage loan calculator. Usually, using a mortgage loan calculator is as easy as using a basic remote control. These handy tools can save homebuyers costly mistakes. By merely entering a few amounts into an easy to follow mortgage calculator, the calculator will do all the tabulation in the blink of an eye. If you're even luckier, many mortgage loan calculators will even advise you how to get a better loan.

How Do You Know What To Enter?

Many mortgage loan calculators want to know how much you want to borrow at a certain interest rate and for how long. In mortgage terms, this refers to the “PITI” (principle amount + interest rate + taxes (like property tax) + insurance fees). From this simple information, the mortgage calculator will give you estimates of your monthly payment amounts, the loan amount you require, amortization schedule, and recommended type of loan.

Investigating Options In Privacy

The beauty of these calculators is you can play around with numbers from the comfort and privacy of your own home online. Most lenders and financial institutions offer a wide variety of mortgage calculators online, with no obligation. Prime rates are usually automatically filled in, but may change in response to the lender's credit score. offers some very easy, interactive, reliable and well-arranged mortgage

Asking The Right Question

These calculators center on the inquirer's mortgage loan questions. Some of these questions help a homebuyer identify a type of mortgage, such as

  • “How Much Can I Afford?”, “Should I pay points?” (Affordability calculator)
  • “Should I make extra payments?” (Bi-monthly payment calculators)
  • “What will my final payment total over its lifetime?” (Repayment calculator)
  • “Which is better – a fixed or adjustable rate mortgage?”, “Which loan should I select?” (Mortgage rate calculator)
  • “What will my monthly payments be?” (A simple loan mortgage calculator)