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Adjustable Mortgage Rates: Is it Right for You?

All the advertisements these days are offering super low rates that you never seem to find when you shop around for your traditional 30-year fixed rate. But some of these rates do exist but you have to know where to get them. An adjustable mortgage rate may be just the ticket for you to save money on your next refinance or purchase.

An adjustable mortgage rate often spooks a lot of people because of the uncertainty it holds. Your mortgage payment could change from time to time and increase at the drop of a hat, or could it? What most people don't realize when thinking about an adjustable mortgage rate is that they are usually capped at a certain interest rate and they can only increase at a certain rate as well. They really aren't as bad as they are made out to be.

Shouldn't I lock into a fixed mortgage rates before rates go up?

Although you may feel you need to lock into a fixed mortgage rate, it may not necessarily be the wisest financial decision at this point in time. The bottom line is that with an adjustable mortgage rate you will save a lot of money, and you will start saving it now. When you see rates start to increase, you may want to lock into a fixed rate, provided you aren't planning on moving in the near future. But even if you only stay with the adjustable rate mortgage for a short period of time, it may be a great way to keep your costs low now while you are building up equity or waiting for your income to go up in order to afford the higher payment a fixed mortgage rate will bring you.

Choose wisely

No matter what loan you choose, an adjustable mortgage rates or a fixed mortgage rates loan, carefully weigh your choices and choose the loan that will fit your needs and give you piece of mind.