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Out With the Old In With the New? Picking a Mortgage Refinancing Company

When consumers make the decision to take out a refinance mortgage, many seem to jump to the conclusion that they automatically have to choose another mortgage refinancing company. This is not the case. They may find that they can get the best deal with their current lender.

The key to finding a low mortgage rate is to uncover all the choices available and weigh up who can offer you the best deal. Here is a summary of the mortgage refinancing company options open to you:

Modify your existing mortgage

You may find that you do not even need a mortgage refinancing company at all. Ask your current lender if they can modify your existing mortgage, as they may be able to offer you a lower mortgage rate without having to refinance the mortgage at all. However, as most large lenders will sell the mortgage on a secondary market, this may not be possible.

Use your original mortgage lender

The right mortgage refinancing company for you may be your original mortgage lender. If they cannot offer you a lower rate on your current mortgage, they may be able to offer you a refinance mortgage. As they already have all of your information on file you could save yourself thousands of dollars in appraisal and closing costs.

Work with a new mortgage refinancing company

You may find that a completely different mortgage refinancing company will offer the best rate. You could use a mortgage broker who can search the mortgage market on your behalf, a bank, credit union or a specialist lender. Take recommendations from friends and family members who have refinanced their mortgage and search online for companies offering a low mortgage rate for refinancing. Just make sure that you don't focus on the interest rate of the loan. Find out all the costs associated with it too.

Once you have exhausted all of these alternatives, sit down and weigh up the pros and cons of each. If your existing mortgage lender will refinance your mortgage, you could save yourself the costs of appraisal and closing and lower your monthly repayments. Switching to a new mortgage refinancing company could offer you a much better rate, although you need to take into account any extra charges you may incur.

At the end of the day if any of these end up costing you more in total than your existing mortgage, it may not be worth refinancing at all. However, there are lots of great deals out there; you just need to identify the right one!