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Online Credit Report – Free, Fast, and Factual

The Three Little Pigs went online to find out their credit standing. Each was surprised to learn a different story:

  • The first pig encountered misspellings and the wrong Social Security number was reported. Plus someone stole his identity, opened a ton of cards and started charging up a storm.
  • The second pig took out too many loans; each one nearly maxed to its limit.
  • The third pig was reviewing his credit report as usual every 6 to 12 months and saw no big changes. In fact, his credit score was excellent.

Fortunately for these pigs, they used safe and secure online credit reporting agencies (CRAs) with the capability to help them dispute problems and even improve credit histories.

Keeping Away The Big Bad Wolf

Errors on your credit report are not as uncommon as some consumers believe. The best way to prevent most errors is to perform a regular credit check. Online credit bureaus, such as the “Big 3” – Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion, are masters at providing quick and secure credit reports for a minimal fee ($9 to $14).

A one-time free online credit report through the government central site was recently launched thanks to a federal law recently passed called FACT (Fair and Accurate Credit) Act, also referred to as FRCA (Fair Reporting Credit Act). Why do you need this free service? At the top of the list of reasons is to protect you from the ever-rising problem of identity theft.

If eligible, one report comes through one of the three main CRAs. Once your region rolls out according to schedule, you may be eligible for another free credit report once every 12 months. The online report is immediate and secure. Do not contact the credit bureaus directly for this FRCA credit report. If you require more than the report, you can go to a reputable CRA for more information such as your credit ranking or credit score.

Online Packages Worth Investigating

Most lenders request a credit report from one of the three top CRAs. Some lenders prefer 3-in-1 reports which a report from each of the “Big 3”. Below is a comparison of the 3-in-1 packages offered from each of the “Big 3”:

Credit Bureau (online):

Package name:


3-in-1 Credit Report


3 Credit Bureau Credit Report, plus free credit score


Instant 3-in-1 Credit report, plus free credit score