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Quick Cash Loan Equals Expensive Cash: Alternatives to Payday Loans

So you're short on cash and aren't sure if you'll make ends meet this month. Though a payday loan seems like an easy way to get some quick cash, you know that these types of loans come with high interest rates and can actually put you in a worse position than before you got it. Though the alternatives can require work, they are a much better choice for you and your financial future. Who knows, you might even develop your quick cash schemes into a new career!

But it would only be a one time payday loan…

Yes we've all heard the story before, “just this once” you say. But how do you know? What if ends don't meet next month either? Rather than entangling yourself into a perpetual trap of needing quick cash loans, find a supplemental income to help pay the bills.

Understand that quick cash is only a quick fix

Quick cash is enticing, bear in mind that it may help you today, but what about tomorrow when you are stuck with paying high rates for the loan? Surely you will see that if you need the cash now it might happen again. Perhaps you should look to increase your income another way in order to avoid them in the future.

Market your skills

The best way to make some quick cash is to market skills you already have. If you write well, make some creative craft or can install a sprinkler system, market it! A friend of mine was in need of some cash and make beautiful dried flower topiaries. She went to a restaurant for lunch, put one on the table and had 10 orders by the end of lunch. Now that's money well spent! Be creative, start by telling friends and family what you are doing and ask for referrals. As long as you are proactive in marketing your skills, you will soon land your first gig, whether it be writing a newsletter for your social club or installing your neighbors ceiling fan. All without having to pay high interest rates on a payday loan!