Student Loan Application

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A Student Loan Application is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

You want to go to school, but you don't know how you are going to pay for it. That's the story, right? Well, stop procrastinating because it's not that hard. Once you gather up the information you need, filling out a student loan application is one of the easiest things you will do in order to get ready for school. I mean let's face it; you already mastered an entrance essay and application, how hard could a loan application be? All you need to do to fill out a successful student loan application is gather up a few required documents and fill it out.

What documentation do I need to fill out a student loan application?

You don't need a lot of things to fill out a student loan application, but there are a few big ones that you could have to dramatically increase your chances of finishing the student loan application in one sitting. First and foremost, you should have a copy of last year's tax returns, and if you are a dependent, a copy of your parents returns as well. Basically, you should do your taxes as soon as possible at the beginning of the year to help aid in the student loan application process, which should be completed by the end of March. You'll need some other basic information such as your driver license number, social security number and general background information too.

Once I fill it out, how long until I hear back?

It really depends on the company you fill the student loan application out for. Using the federal government as an example, their student loan application (FAFSA) has a slower turnaround time than most, but you should know exactly how much you get by around the end of May or June. Some student loan lenders have a much quicker turnaround time, sometimes within 24 hours, but it just depends on the loan you are seeking.