Student Loan Online Application

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A Student Loan Online Application can help you Choose a College or University

Did you know that you can now get a student loan online application and complete it today? Not only can you apply online for federally funded money through the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), but you can also fill out a student loan online application for private loans as well. The sooner you begin the search for college funding the better. It may have a great impact on the school you choose.

When should I start my application?

You can start a student loan online application for the upcoming school year immediately. Before you even decide, or hear from any schools, you can start planning where the money and loans you will use to pay for your education will come from. For the FAFSA, you should fill out their student loan online application at the beginning of the calendar year. A new application is available in January of each year. For this student loan online application it is helpful to have a copy of your tax return for yourself and parents (if you are a dependent). For private loans, you should fill out a student loan online application as soon as possible. You are under no obligation to use their money until they say you are. The least you can do is find out how much you will qualify for and if it will be affordable enough for you.

What is an award letter?

Soon after filling out the federal student loan online application, or FAFSA, you will receive what is called an award letter from all of the schools that have accepted you. This letter will help you determine the costs of attendance versus the amount of money you qualify for based on your student loan online application. Use this information to help determine what school is most cost effective for you. If your award is not great enough, consider filling out another student loan online application for a private student loan.