Today Mortgage Rate

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Today is the Day Lock in Your Mortgage Rate Now Before They Go Up

You hear advertisements all day long prompting you to lock into today's low rate. It may sound like a gimmick, but it's true! Today's mortgage rates are still at record lows. Today is the day to lock into your low mortgage rate before they go up. Refinancing now could save you thousands of dollars as compared to waiting for rates to skyrocket.

However, be sure to arm yourself with the tools you need to truly take advantage of today's low mortgage rates. Don't just take your lenders word for it, know for sure. A simple Google search for today's mortgage rate will lead you to much extraneous information, but you will be able to sift though and find competitive mortgage rates.

Are you sure rates will go up?

Greenspan has already hinted that interest rates have to go up. What does this mean to you? Well, you still have time to lock into today's low rates because it does take some time for the interest rates to trickle down and affect mortgage rates.

Refinancing is a big hassle, can't I wait?

Of course you can wait, but there is no guarantee that today's low rates will be there tomorrow. Even if rates go up half a percent, you will find yourself stuck with a mortgage payment much higher than if you refinanced today. The chances that rates will go down are slim, but if you want to take that gamble you can, just remember, it is a gamble.

Shouldn't today's rate be the same with every lender?

Unfortunately not, rates differ from lender to lender depending on their specific mortgage program. Don't forget that the rate is one way brokers can make money selling loans; some have a larger profit margin than others do. Regardless of the specific rate, today's rates are unimaginably good and you should find the lowest rate you can before they go up.