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Ways to find the best payday loan

It seems like payday loan, fast cash and paycheck cash advance companies are springing up everywhere. You may have noticed the proliferation of these companies in your neighbourhood. You may have wondered what they are and how they work. You may have wondered how to get the best payday loan. After all who hasn't needed some fast cash with payday still over a week away?

Before you head to your local payday loan store, though, take a few minuets to learn about how these places work and what it will really cost you. If you do decide to use a payday loan, being aware of the interest rates and fees involved will help you to find the best deal.

Why might I need a payday loan?

There are many a borrower who might need a payday loan. You may be running short of cash before payday. You may have overdue bills to pay. You may want to make sure your mortgage company or car dealer gets their payment on time. Whatever the reason for needing a payday loan, you should shop around for the best deal.

What should I be aware of when looking for the best payday loan?

The most important thing to consider with any loan, but especially when you look for the best payday loan, is the APR, or annual percentage rate, of the loan. At first glance, repaying $240 for the $200 you borrowed two weeks ago might not seem so unreasonable. However, on closer examination, those numbers mean you are paying an APR of 520% for this loan. When you compare this with even the high credit card interest rates of 21%-23%, you can see how high this interest rate really is.

When does it make sense to use a payday loan?

At this point, you may be wondering if it ever makes sense to use a payday loan service. Payday loans and fast cash loans do have their place, and finding the best payday loan can sometimes save you money. For instance, if your credit card company charges you a $70 late payment fee but you can use a payday loan service to borrow the money for $35, it would make sense to pay the $35 fee to avoid paying the $70 fee.

How do I get the best deal on a payday loan?

The best way to make sure you are getting the best payday loan is to shop around. Compare fees and interest rates between lenders. Payday loan shops are required by law to disclose the annual percentage rate on their loans. Use this information to find the best deal for you.






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