Home Improvement Loans

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Home Improvement Loans– Handy Little Loans To Improve Your Lifestyle

The backyard deck has yet to be built since you moved in five years ago. You dream every summer on how to construct this outdoor structure. Still, the dream seems unattainable. Where would you get that kind of extra savings anyway? The answer is right at your fingertips: a home improvement loan.

Take A Dip, The Water's Warm

A home improvement loan dips into your built up home equity. While many financial experts warn against touching the savings built up in your home mortgage, a home improvement loan can actually be a wise step to take. These loans are really second mortgages or home equity line of credit, intended to improve the value of your homestead.

Beware Of Scams

If you use these loans for other self-serving purposes such as a dream vacation, you may find yourself kicking yourself in the behind later. Scam artists are not uncommon practitioners in this type of specialty loan. These sly foxes tack on unnecessary fees, excessive closing fees, unnecessary points, and inflated interest rates. Using a home improvement loan to pay off other debts is not advisable. Instead, explore a debt consolidation loan to rectify these problems.

Home Improvement Worth Exploring

Projects that improve the home's value are worth pursuing. Discuss the loan's terms and expect interest rates well below a prime rate. Ask yourself how much you can pay each month to pay off the loan in a very timely manner. Try to close the loan prior to the loan period, which is commonly 5 to 7 years. If you plan on moving within this time period, you may not recoup the lost equity. Also, a home improvement loan must be closed before you can resell your initial loan.

Where To Find A Safe Home Improvement Loan

Most reputable lenders and mortgage companies offer secure home improvement loans. Many brokers offer special incentive programs for this loan. For example, FHA's “Energy Efficient Mortgages” encourage homeowners to take out a second loan at an unbelievably low interest rate to complete home energy-efficiency projects. Other lenders worth exploring are WaMu HomeLoans, CitiMortgage, and RBC Royal Bank Mortgage Centre.


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