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The Buck Stops Here: An Insight to Paycheck Advance

Wouldn't it be convenient to get some extra cash as your account runs down at the end of the month? Sometimes waiting for that next paycheck can be torturous. You could pay a few hundred dollars advance as soon as you get your next paycheck right? You may tell yourself that now, but just wait until payday rolls around… You'll have to pay the rent, your car payment, buy groceries, the list goes on. The longer you think about it, the longer the list gets.

Sometimes you might feel overwhelmed, but really, will a couple of hundred bucks solve your financial woes? Probably not, in fact, one single paycheck advance could keep you in the red for months to come. Creditors have made it just too easy for you to get a loan you could probably get by without. They make act like your friend, but underneath that friendly exterior, they are just there to take your money.

Plan ahead

This may sound like silly advice, especially if you are already in need of a paycheck advance, but it works. If you know you will have X amount of dollars for the next two weeks, budget the money to cover all of your expenses. If it doesn't seem like it will cover it, cut out any unnecessary expenses like restaurants or sodas. Learn to eat inexpensively or walk to work. It behooves you to save the money now rather than to spending it AND taking out a loan on more money that you don't have.

$100 wouldn't hurt would it?

Though it sounds innocent enough, $100 could make or break the bank for the coming month while you wait for your next paycheck. If you only need $100, it's best to find a way to do without instead of finding yourself deeper into dept. Not only are you being advanced $100, but you are agreeing to pay the steep interest rates that come with the luxury of being loaned the fast cash.




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