Best Mortgage Rates

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The best mortgage rates is at your Fingertips

Buying or refinancing your mortgage can be a trying experience. Like most people, you want to be absolutely sure you are getting the best mortgage rates available. With the internet, it is easier than ever to find the best mortgage rates available. Within minutes, you can know what today's best mortgage rates is and whether or not you qualify for it.

Not only can you find out what the best mortgage rates is but you can get it too. There are lots of online companies that will send you a quote from 3 or more lenders who want your business. With this type of environment, you are sure to get the best mortgage rates and feel good about it too. Lenders have to stay competitive so their rates should be very similar, but a small different in rate can mean thousands of dollars in your pocket.

I had a lender quote me a much higher rate than what I see advertised, how do I know if I am getting the best mortgage rates?

A lot of times, the advertised rate is not a rate readily available to the average consumer. Many lenders use their advertised rate as bait to get people to call them. As soon as you call, you either don't qualify or the rate has since “expired.” Another thing to watch for, but that is really out of your control are higher interest rates due to getting a loan on stated income or a bad credit loan. With either of these types of loans, you probably won't qualify for the best mortgage rates because the lender is taking a higher risk by lending you money.

Consider all aspects of the loan

When shopping for the best mortgage rates, keep in mind that the rate is not where all the money is. Some lenders will give you a rock bottom interest rate but charge you points on the loan, others will raise the interest rate but not charge you points. Either way, consider the true cost of the loan when deciding what the best mortgage rates is.