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What are the credit implications of taking out a loan til payday?

If you've ever been strapped for money, you've probably considered taking out a loan til payday. It is worthwhile to consider the implications or lack thereof that a loan til payday will have on your credit history. While some companies run a credit check, others do not, possibly lending you money you simply cannot afford to pay back. It can be extremely beneficial to determine what implications taking out a loan til payday may have on your credit history.

Whether or not the company checks your credit to give you the loan, they almost certainly report any defaults on the loan to all credit reporting agencies. This can have detrimental effects on your credit and keep you from borrowing in the future, while on the other hand, if you do pay your loan til payday back on payday, there will probably not be any positive credit history given in your favor.

Why do I want them to report to a credit agency?

With every loan you take out, including cash til payday loans, you should plan on paying them back on time. By paying on your loan as scheduled, you should also be rewarded with a good credit rating that will help you in the future to obtain loans, credit cards or possibly even a home.

How can I get a good mark on my credit history?

Check with the cash til payday Loan Company to see if they report to a credit agency or how long you have to have the loan before they do. If they don't, one alternative is to speak with your personal bank to see if they would be willing to give you a personal loan. A personal loan is far superior to a loan til payday because of more favorable interest rates and more generous payback schedules.