Mortgage Company

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A Mortgage Company is just like any Sales Team

One big misconception people have about mortgage companies is why they are in business. Many people forget that they don't get paid unless you close your loan. It is at that point and that point alone when a mortgage company gets its revenue. Dragging more than one lender along for the ride just isn't right and not good business tactics.

Get the lowest rate

A mortgage company is much more willing to give you the lowest rate possible if they have confidence that you aren't going to shop the loan. If they think you are going to shop around, the mortgage company would just as soon quote a higher rate to make up for the work they have spent helping you in the first place. Chances are, if you look hard enough you will find a lower rate, but what good is .01% if the new lender makes you pay more in closing costs or other fees. Keep in mind that your mortgage company doesn't just charge you interest rate; they also incorporate other fees in there when they sell you your loan.

Sales makes money

The more the lender sells you the more they make, so don't ever let a lender talk you into a house you can't afford, especially if they ask you to lie about your income or other determining factors. It's not worth it if the mortgage company gets you in over your head. Ultimately you will compromise yourself, your family and most importantly your home.

It's sales, but not car sales

If you don't into the loan buying process with the same mindset as if you were buying a car, you may be sorely disappointed at the outcome. The mortgage company doesn't typically go into their back office and speak to the “manager” and magically come back with a lower price for your loan. A lot of times the mortgage company expects you to take the first thing you're offered. On the other hand, if you don't like the offer, you can most definitely ask for something lower. The bottom line is: you make the final decision.