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An Online Student Loan: the Easiest and Best Option

An online student loan is the answer for all you busy people out there. In fact, most lenders prefer if not require that you fill out your application online. Even the federal application is online these days. Getting an online student loan is easier than you think. Not only are the applications now more accessible, but they are easier than ever now too.

Federal online student loan application

The federal program has an online student loan application available at the first of every year. Typically you can fill out the application until mid-year but the sooner you fill it out, the chance of receiving funds goes up. The federal online student loan application is great because it covers not only loans but other programs as well including grants which is money that doesn't have to be repaid. With this online student loan application it is best to fill it out as soon as possible and it can be filled out online or mailed in on a paper application. However, it is preferred by all parties involved that you use the online application because it is easier to process and you will be able to hear back sooner than the paper application.

Private online student loan application

With so many companies competing for your business online, you are sure to get a good rate using an online student loan application. There is no reason to go elsewhere for a student loan, everything you need is online. You can get a private online student loan just about anywhere. These loans are based on your credit and most do not require that you fill out the Federal online student application. (Also known as the FAFSA) However, you may want to consider having a cosigner for the loan to help lower the interest rate and get more favorable repayment terms.