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What Types of Companies Offer Mortgage programs?

We are a nation of homeowners, with over 2/3 of homes being owner occupied. In the past when you wanted a mortgage, there were just a few types of companies but now there are a plethora of different companies available that offer mortgage programs. So if you are thinking of buying a new home, a secondary home, or looking for a refinance mortgage, lets take a few moments to explore the types of mortgage lenders available.

  • Mortgage brokers essentially these are middlemen who assess your financial capability and match your needs with a variety of mortgage lenders. They will have access to hundreds of different types of products and in essence conduct your mortgage search for you.
  • Mortgage banks these are direct lenders that specialise in mortgages and only offer their own programs.
  • Banks, thrifts and credit unions often have a limited range of mortgage programs.
  • Internet lenders Most of the types of mortgage lenders above will have Internet arms that will offer mortgages thorough their website, with varying degrees of automation and online transaction capabilities. There are also purely Internet based banks and financial institutions that have mortgage capabilities too.
  • Homebuilders if you want to purchase a new home, the construction company may have set up an affiliate mortgage company to help people purchase the properties that they have built.
  • Realtors Again realtors may have set up their own affiliate companies to help them sell the properties they have on their books to you.

When it comes to taking out a mortgage, for whatever purpose, it is entirely your choice on which type of company you choose to place your business with. If you prefer for someone else to carry out all the leg work for you then a mortgage broker will be able to help you the most. If you get satisfaction and a sense of security from doing the shopping around yourself, then approaching a selection of lenders from the outline above will suit you the most. This will enable you to compare costs, interest rates and terms to make an informed decision about which mortgage is best for you. If convenience is the key then homebuilders or realtors could be able to provide just that.

Just make sure that the mortgage you eventually decide to apply for is from a reputable company and that you can afford the monthly mortgage payment. The last thing you would want is for your dream to be a homeowner or a holiday homeowner to come crashing down around you.




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